ICON Laser Hair Removal

We are offering a special first visit trial for new customers. See the results for yourself at an incredible price!

New customers only. The first visit trial price is for one session and one area only.
Small areas
Small areas include: chin, upper lip, sideburns, areola, happy trail,eyebrow center.
Medium areas
Medium areas include: underarms, lower back, extended bikini, belly, face.
Patch test: We always provide a patch test at our free consultations! A patch test enables the client to experience how the laser works and what it feels like on a small (patch) area of their skin.
Why us?
New Technology
Our laser - Lutronic Clarity ll is superior to other hair removal devices that work by targeting the pigment within the follicle, which means the darker your hair, the easier it will be to treat. However, Clarity has 2 wavelengths and a proprietary technology that can results in quicker
and more effective treatments for
ALL skin tones.
Any skin tone/hair color
Our high-tech laser and our individual treatment approach help us customize the right treatment protocol for any skin tone/ hair color. Come for a free consultation and get a patch test for the body areas that require treatment.
Less pain
Afraid of unpleasant feelings during your treatment? Our laser is the least painful on the market today and causes a mild "snapping" on the skin. Clarity ll has a specialized skin-cooling system that provides more comfortable treatment.
Results after 1 treatment
Clarity is very effective and provides amazing results already after the first treatment. You will experience 15-30%
hair loss noticeable in 1-2 weeks after completing the first session.
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